Rose Water: Beauty's Magic Potion

Rose Water



Historically, rose water was initially discovered in Persia during the Sassanian Empire (AD). The Persian physician Avicenna, i.e. Ibn Sina, innovated the steam distillation of rose water. The legendary beauty queen Cleopatra used and bathed in rose water to indulge in its beautifying qualities.



1. Rose water (pH 4-4.5) is the best natural skin toner whether you have an oily, dry or a combination skin. It balances the skin's pH by maintaining a healthy level of acidity for our facial skin whose pH is normally between 4.5 and 6.2, preventing bacteria--which will lead to acne--from forming. 


2. Rose water purifies with its antiseptic properties, hydrates, and revitalizes our skin.


3. Its antioxidant qualities promote regeneration of skin tissues


4. Due to its astringent (a substance causing the contraction of body tissues) properties, it cleans pores, minimizes them and prevents wrinkles. After steaming your skin in the shower, apply rose water to tighten your capillaries to reduce redness and blemishes.





5. It heals cuts, scars and wounds with its antibacterial properties.


6. Its anti-inflammatory qualities help soothe skin irritation, namely eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis (itchiness, redness, rash, and inflammation of the skin). It alleviates scalp flare ups and helps tone and treat itchy scalp from seborrheic dermatitis that causes dandruff. It thus naturally conditions your scalp and boosts hair growth.  


7. Rose water aroma relieves anxiety and stress--which release cortisol (the primary stress hormone) and aggravate acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It thus prevents premature wrinkles and the breakdown of elastin and collagen in the skin, which are the crucial elements for a young skin.


In my Lebanese culture, not only is rose water a crucial part of the skincare routine, but it is also a refreshing drink that we offer our guests throughout the four seasons. Beauty is not only found in what we could apply on our skin, but it is mainly in what we feed our body.    





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